Let Not the Sun Go Down on Your Wrath–1936

man and woman in kitchen

The little neighbor boy who used to catch polywogs with me has suddenly grown up and married, and I’ve written him a letter. It’s mostly congratulations, of course, with one tiny bit of advice–a formula for happiness, as thoroughly tried and tested as my most dog-eared recipe. It is a part of a Bible verse–”Let…

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Being a Loyal, Not Critical Wife–Observations from the 1930s

Letter 1, 1937– It seems I am never with some of my married friends–girls my own age as well as those of the older generation–but they are complaining about their husbands, or criticizing them, one way or another. Perhaps you would not call that a lack of loyalty, but I feel that it is. I…

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Women Seeking a More Balanced Life- Opposing Perspectives from 1938

The following letters appeared in The Farmer’s Wife magazine and illustrate the age-long struggle women face in achieving a balanced life. Although I cannot say that I completely agree with either woman, I do lean more toward one of their positions. What do you think? (April 1838) Dear Editor: After looking around at some of…

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