Summer in the Old Days–How did People Survive?

summer porch

Somehow, people managed to survive summer in the old days without air conditioning. It’s incredible to realize that people have had the luxury of modern air conditioning for only a small snippet of history. We weak souls living in the 21st century nearly cease to function. We recently had a power outage that lasted 4…

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5 Alternatives to Freezer Meals

woman cooking at an old-fashioned stove

Freezer meals. Love ’em or hate ’em? If you’re not a fan, try these freezer meal alternatives that may fit your busy lifestyle. For every second-rate housekeeper I ever knew was wont to declare that the hardest thing in her life was to tell what to get for three meals a day. ~1884 I hear…

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I’m Working For a Better Future, 1922

This year marks 100 years ago that the Farmer’s Wife magazine asked its readers the question, “Do you want your daughter to marry a farmer?” and received responses from women all over the United States. Laurie compiled many of these glimpses into farm wives’ lives and paired them with traditional quilt blocks in her book…

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