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Amalia’s book about her days as a schoolteacher is now available on Amazon. Here is the link.

Have you ever wondered where Amish children go to school? The Amish educational system is an aspect of the Amish lifestyle that few people outside the community have experienced firsthand or even know much about. Two Years as an Amish Schoolteacher is a unique look into the eight grade, one room schoolhouse environment where Amish children receive their education.

the first schoolhouse

Amalia Clemen is a non-Amish woman who spent two years teaching in an Old Order Amish one room schoolhouse. Not a fictionalized novel, this is a glimpse into the lives of real people and an Amish institution.

the classroom in the first schoolhouse

In this memoir, Amalia opens the door to an Amish school and shares with you her experiences, from the establishment of a new school to the day to day classroom routines. She explains how one teacher teaches eight grades in one room, how a classroom operates with few modern amenities, and how she tackled the challenges of teaching in another culture. The book also shares the curriculum they use, how they celebrate holidays and special events at the school, and even gives a closer look at a few of her scholars’ families.


You can read it for free if you have Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited but if you don’t happen to have it, here’s a link for a free month of Kindle Unlimited.

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