Foraging for Wild Fruit in the City and Country

For wild grapes are every man’s harvest, choosing their own trellis of boundary fences and stone walls along the roadsides. They yield their riches to those who know them best and who most desire them. If you have found them, then it is you only for whom they have ripened, a free gift of nature’s…

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I love old cookbooks and here’s why

a stack of old cookbooks

This post contains affiliate links. Read our disclosure policy here. Old cookbooks, whether antique or vintage, will always have a place in my kitchen. On my 9th birthday, I received my first “very own” cookbook and there began my love of cooking and cookbooks. Snickerdoodles, pumpkin custard, and hot milk sponge cakes were my early specialties.…

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How to be a Real “Vamp” to Your Husband

old fashioned kitchen

The modern definition of a vamp is a woman who is “striking, exotic, or overtly glamorous” and who is “usually a heartless, man-eating seductress.” Oh, my! Such an interesting phrase to describe the ideal farmer’s wife! Enjoy this advice, written in 1924.   Have you a little vamp in your home? Now don’t look so shocked…

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