A Patriotic Charge to Women on Independence Day, 1898

The Fourth of July used to be so kept by our people that it was an important educator in patriotism. Early in the morning we were awakened by the thunder of cannon from fort and fleet, or from the village green, then the children, rushing to the windows, saw everywhere the red, white, and blue…

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Simple Ways to Live Out-of-doors (1906)

These recommendations for taking advantage of the outdoors were written in 1906, when people still traveled in open horse-drawn carriages, used outhouses, hung laundry outside, and had minimal conveniences. If they needed encouragement to be outside, how much more do we need the outdoors with our self-contained homes and unlimited technology distractions? Live out-of-doors as…

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Impressing Our Husbands & Friends (1925)

man and woman in kitchen

Are our homes ever cleaner than that minute when company walks in the door? This shows us that putting up a good front is nothing new, but sadly, everyone else gets more special attention than our own families. “Mr. Smythe will be here tonight, Kiddies, and we want to look real nice. Now please don’t…

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