What is your homemaking specialty right now?

homemaking--a handmade quilt

Do you have a homemaking specialty? You have interests that lie in a certain direction and by default, you’re probably naturally skilled in that interest. Why not expand beyond your natural skill and cultivate it and make it something that you excel in? No woman can excel in every particular. If she takes the lead…

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Simple Meals: Sunday dinners, 1913 and today

simple meals Beef and biscuit rolls in a cast iron skillet

Simple meals. They’re the goal for any day of the week but especially useful on the weekends. If you are trying to avoid eating out and don’t want to deal with prepping meals ahead of time, it’s essential to be ready with some extra simple meals. Here is one woman’s perspective on Sunday dinners, written…

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How to Naturally Whiten Laundry–An Easy Way

whiten laundry naturally

I have a way to help you naturally whiten laundry and restore it to that brand-new look of white laundry. I love white linens. They look so clean and pretty on a bed or hanging from a towel hook. Because I do, I feel like I’ve intentionally made life harder for myself. Every little smudge…

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What’s the Best Way to Keep Track of Recipes?

recipe box and recipe cards

I have been there and back again when it comes to finding the best way to keep track of recipes I like. It’s almost comical that this has to be a thing, doesn’t it? But it’s a good problem, I guess. It’s nice to have so much food and have so much variety that I…

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