Summer in the Old Days–How did People Survive?

summer porch

Somehow, people managed to survive summer in the old days without air conditioning. It’s incredible to realize that people have had the luxury of modern air conditioning for only a small snippet of history. We weak souls living in the 21st century nearly cease to function. We recently had a power outage that lasted 4…

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Two Women Spend Their Money–1925

These letters describe how two young women in 1925 (98 years ago!) decided to spend their money, in both cases, $1. (For reference, $1 in 1925 is equivalent to over $17 in 2023.)  A Gift for Another Mother I am going to tell you about a dollar I spent. It is very seldom I go…

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A 1915 Woman’s Solitary Life in Wyoming

What a brave young woman to live by herself in the Wyoming wilderness! I wonder what circumstances brought about her solitary homemaking? This passage–a magazine interview–gives us a very small glimpse into what must have been a fascinating life. A young woman in Wyoming writes: “This country is so different, so big, that the horizon…

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The Importance of Fresh Air–5 Ways to Get More

sheets drying on a clothesline

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here. We overlook the importance of fresh air in these days, with our cushy lives of central air conditioning and well-insulated homes. Here are 5 ways to incorporate more fresh air into your life, no matter the time of year. We make our house as…

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