Let Not the Sun Go Down on Your Wrath–1936

man and woman in kitchen

The little neighbor boy who used to catch polywogs with me has suddenly grown up and married, and I’ve written him a letter. It’s mostly congratulations, of course, with one tiny bit of advice–a formula for happiness, as thoroughly tried and tested as my most dog-eared recipe. It is a part of a Bible verse–”Let…

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Minimizing and Downsizing our Household–2 Years Later

moving into a new home

Happy New Year! Here we are in 2023, my third year of life changes. It was the middle of 2020 when we decided to leave our settled, comfy life in Wisconsin to start over in central Texas. A few more changes this past summer led us to move from Austin to rural eastern Texas. We…

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When Christmas isn’t the Most Wonderful Time

Always for some of us there is a month, and a day of the month, and an hour of the day when life is sadder colored than its usual wont, when we have need to lay hold of strength that is greater than ours, and when, indeed, we enter into our closets, and shut our…

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Aenisguetzli: A Traditional Swiss Christmas Cookie Recipe

Aenisguetzli, mailanderli, schweizer schenkeli, brazeli. The names of Swiss Christmas cookies don’t exactly trip off the tongues of most Americans and I doubt many have eaten them, either. I grew up very ‘Murican–through and through. It wasn’t as if my family wouldn’t have enjoyed generational traditions, it’s just that our ancestors apparently took the whole…

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