Housewife, Homemaker, or ….? You Never Considered This Description

Recently I found the most interesting piece in a forgotten little book written in 1896. In it was one of the best description of the role of a housewife I’ve ever read. Housewives, homemakers, domestic engineers, whatever you want to call our little sliver of the world’s population: we are Chink Fillers.  Of course. Why didn’t…

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The Fireless Cooker, a Non-Electric Slow Cooker

fireless cooker

The fireless cooker. I came across the concept awhile ago and it had me curious. Basically, it’s the original slow cooker, a non-electric way to cook meals while conserving fuel. It was invented in the 1800s but reached the height of its popularity in the early 1900s, until it was replaced by electrical appliances. There…

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Knowing How to Stay Home

“I have observed that we are now faced with a lesson our ancestors never even dreamed of having to learn–that is the lesson of knowing how to stay at home and enjoy the blessings of home culture.” -1905 The writer goes on to mention the early 1900s trends of “rapid transit, cheap rates, and easy…

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