“The world would go on just the same if there were not a woman in the professions. It would come to speedy ruin if there were no women in the home.”  

-Kate Field, 19th century journalist, lecturer, and actress

When people think of history, they usually think of the big events, the kings, the wars, and the exploration.  But there’s a different kind of history that interests us on this blog.  We’re fascinated by the everyday kind of history–the stories of ordinary families living ordinary lives.

Women have always been a crucial part of home and family life.  Somehow, between putting up jars of jam, darning socks, beating rugs, and birthin’ babies, some of them found time to write down their stories, observations, and even advice.  What better way to get to know our great-grandmothers than the writings they left behind?  Besides giving us a glimpse into the past, their words have a timeless quality that are still meaningful to the women of today.

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Amalia is a housewife, the third generation of women in the same family to keep a 150-year-old house in a small Wisconsin town. Although a housewife’s work is never done, she enjoys the never-ending variety of her tasks. When she has free time, Amalia enjoys reading, tent camping, and farmer’s markets.

Laurie is also a Wisconsin housewife, living in an old farmhouse on a small acreage. She never tires of gazing at the beautiful scenery all around her or her flower garden in the summer. When the day’s work is done, she can be found with feet up, working on her latest hand-sewing project. Laurie is the author of four books in The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt series and The Bible Sampler Quilt.