How to be a Real “Vamp” to Your Husband

old fashioned kitchen

The modern definition of a vamp is a woman who is “striking, exotic, or overtly glamorous” and who is “usually a heartless, man-eating seductress.” Oh, my! Such an interesting phrase to describe the ideal farmer’s wife! Enjoy this advice, written in 1924.   Have you a little vamp in your home? Now don’t look so shocked…

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Let Not the Sun Go Down on Your Wrath–1936

man and woman in kitchen

The little neighbor boy who used to catch polywogs with me has suddenly grown up and married, and I’ve written him a letter. It’s mostly congratulations, of course, with one tiny bit of advice–a formula for happiness, as thoroughly tried and tested as my most dog-eared recipe. It is a part of a Bible verse–”Let…

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Oh Sing, Sisters! from 1936

A little tidbit worth sharing and hopefully, taken to heart…. There’s not enough singing in this world–of that I’m convinced. I don’t mean singing on the radio, in school or churches. I mean in the family. Before our family grew up and married we were always singing. On Saturdays one sister and I might be…

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