Hello to all the readers of A Housewife Writes!

Life takes some funny directions. This winter I’ve found myself working on an ebook about my experiences as an Amish school teacher. I’ve come to realize that multi-tasking isn’t working well for me and I need to focus on one writing project at a time. So I’ll be taking a break from posting on this blog until I get the book wrapped up. I’m hoping I won’t be gone too long!

If you would like peeks into the book as well as material that won’t be included in the book, be sure to subscribe to the A Housewife Writes newsletter right here.

I’ve been collecting a lot of material to share and will be back blogging soon!



3 thoughts on “A Winter Pause….

  1. I speak from experience when I say that a break doesn’t mean you’re out! Enjoy your pause, it’s the fork in the road that will lead you to happy things. I’m trying to sign up for the newsletter but the “mail chimp” sign is in my way and I cannot get it to work. Can you add me or give me technical advice? After all these years, I’m still resisting tech-savvy-ness…

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